Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This too shall pass...(political post)


Anyone who follows politics is either very very annoyed tonight or dancing in the streets. I on the other hand am, well...I dunno. Honestly, I was having a hard time with a wet-shirt like Coakley following Ted Kennedy to the Senate. I will give Brown this, for passion (albeit wrong minded), he was the better candidate.

That said, I'm going to give some free advice to the almighty Dem. screwup's in Washington:

1) Stop being nice about Healthcare and everything else. You have a majority, use it! In fact, lets shrink it a bit more. Lieberman...THROW HIM OUT ON HIS ASS, strip him of his leadership and by God run a candidate that can kick his ass. Start using the Republican tactics of "stay in line or we will primary your ass." Get a little bit of discipline! Nelson and Grassly...same thing.

2) Speaking of leadership. Mr. Reid needs to come down with a 'mysterious medical condition' that causes him to 'regrettably not run for reelection and step down as Senate Majority Leader'. I'll give Pelosi this much, I may not like her, but she can keep her folks in line.

3) Reconciliation is a cowards way out. I know that's what's going to happen but I say screw it. Get rid of the filibuster. It's wrong...just wrong. Yes we used it when we were in the minority but the Republicans are much better at using it. Not only that, but it might actually lead to better, non-watered down bills.

One final thing... Mr. President, please use your State of the Union to come out and say the following (nicely): "My fellow American's we have tried to be nice, we really have, but you know what...screw it...we're done. Congress pass my bills or I will break a foot off in your collective saggy asses." Walk off and flip McCain the bird on the way out the door.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Health Care Reform for Dummies

As I watch the healthcare debate limp forward in the Senate I can't help but wonder where it went wrong. Granted, special interests came in and tore the bill to shreds piece by little piece, leaving just enough behind for the next one to come and in and take hold, but I have to wonder, did this bill ever really have a chance?

We saw Joe and Ben and 40 odd Republicans last year and, lets be honest, this bill was carefully drafted with plums rich with red meat to be taken off the tree in the hopes that the roots would survive. Roots which could end the insurance industries stranglehold on our lives, allowing people to receive care when they get sick. Roots that even most Republicans agree on: ending cutting someone off when they get sick, pre-existing conditions, and write downs. Common sense items that should have been passed long ago.

Why then is this failing so miserably? Clearly politics is playing a key role in this, the Republicans want to hurt the Democrats so they can take power. Pride, hubris, and a campaign dollar or two has bought off Lieberman. Religious concerns have nailed Nelson to the cross. Liberals see their last chance to create a utopia welfare state where no one dies and we skip hand in hand to the Beatles. Yet this is not a full answer.

Do we blame the President? He does share some blame, yet his is mainly young naivety. Mr. Obama believed the best in his former colleagues while he should have been preparing for the worst. Let us not forget that many of the most hotly contest votes have been passed by razor thin margins and it took the President of the United States to muster up the votes needed to get them through. Mr. Obama has allowed radicals masquerading as moderates in his own party to hijack this process and now he is reaping the consequences. Again though, this is not the full answer.

The complete answer is that healthcare reform is failing because of us. We who allowed the tea parties to go unanswered. We who basked in our glow of change yet are not willing to make the scarifies necessary to make it happen. In the end we allowed ourselves to be drowned out, again, by the noises of fear and hate.

Every time I believe we are finally going to get things right, I have to remember, 'but wait, we're the left, we will find a way to screw this up…' It becomes a fatalistic mantra for anyone who has been here before. A roller coaster of failure that inevitably ends in a even more conservative moron being elected to high office (and just for the record, I don't have a problem with true conservatives, just the stupid ones that seem to rise to the top).

I don't know if healthcare reform will pass, but I will say that I'm getting the swooping feeling in my gut again.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Once more into the breach

So if nothing else I seem to like to stir the pot a bit. I've been too busy to really post anything political as of late and I guess my blog has suffered a bit from disuse. Such are the realities of life. However, I think I have enough material stored up to post some good, well written posts so expect more to come.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

State Pay!


Ok, so I’m going to use my next post to speak about something near and dear to my heart. State pay increases!

Here’s the deal, right now the state leg. is debating on raising the salaries for state employee’s. At the moment it looks like we are only going to get a one-time $1,000 dollar bonus, which is crap, but better than nothing. Now I know there is this idea that state employee’s do nothing, but let me walk you through a week in the life of nothing:

In a typical week:

I will interview between 1 – 10 people, each interview taking upwards of an hour
I will be yelled at for being a horrible person
I will be threatened to be sued
I will type between 50 – 60 pages of documentation, and that’s if nothing goes wrong
I will log upwards of 300+ miles on my car
I will be exposed to every infectious disease known to man (i.e. school)
I will go to places, by myself, that police are afraid to go without SWAT
I will witness complete family unit breakdown’s
I will be exposed to dangerous chemicals, solvents, and drugs

So why do I do it?

I will witness families on the brink of disaster be pulled back and get their lives straight
I will see kids safe at night
I will see kids fed and with clothing
I will see parents who know nothing else to do get help

What I definitely don’t do it for is the money. However, trust me when I say that our salaries are a pittance and that we could use some help. State salaries have dramatically decreased in value because the state, even in good times, has not kept them raising with inflation. It seems like every time the leg. is in session is time for some more ‘belt-tightening’. Well now you have a problem where good people are leaving because they’ve got a hole in their middle from not eating.

Please call your senator or representative and let them know to support state pay increases.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So I’m going to take some time and actually write this out, making sure that my spelling is 100% correct (thank you David). Evidently my post on the tea party movement was a bit…touchy. So I wanted to clarify my political philosophy a bit. If you are tagged in this it means you left a comment on the previous post and/or I know it's coming. Again I claim meds for any rambling....this is however keeping me awake...

I guess when it comes down to it I’m a liberal libertarian. Breaking it down further, on social issues I am 100% libertarian, i.e. leave me the hell alone when it comes to my personal life. If I’m not hurting someone then stay out of it. I formally would have said liberal on this but I’ve realized over time that liberals say they are for this right up until it goes against what they believe, then they turn into big brother, bedroom watching, moral crusaders (Tipper Gore, I’m looking at you).

On economics it gets murkier. As was pointed out I have graduated with a MPA, which means I actually understand a lot of what’s going on. Not only that, but I understand enough to know that we came pretty damn close to the brink recently. That said, I come down on the ‘liberalish’ side of things on this. The reasons are varied. I don’t particularly support idea of everything being a state run institution. Once the state gets involved it introduces several inefficiencies that are hard to counteract. Also it becomes about equality not delivery of service, which means most services are delivered at a lowest common denominator level. That said, there are a lot of things going now that without some state involvement become predatory *cough* banks *cough* healthcare. I believe in regulation and protection of individuals. I believe the state runs something’s better than private enterprise. I could get deeper into this but that’s a whole other post. This is just topical.

One last point, let me clarify my earlier point on the tea parties/secession thing. The tea parties themselves are fine, you want to protest, go on ahead and go for it. But what I want to know is where did this come from? Who’s taxes got raised mysteriously (personally mine have gone down, as have everyone else’s that I know…)? I know state taxes and fee’s have gone up almost everywhere but I didn’t see anything about that. I saw a lot of anger directed at the federal government that honestly I’m not sure were it’s coming from. I know it’s mainly because of spending, that we will have to pay taxes to make up for what’s being spent and all that. Well ok, tell me something, where are my solutions? Lets face it, the Obama administration is trying to put out fires that have been burning for a lot longer than 6-9 months. Why did this start now? Why didn’t this happen two years ago, three, four? This is supposed to be a citizen movement yet it is being bankrolled by the RNC in many areas. That’s like saying Media Matters is a ‘independent’ non-profit or Michele Malkin votes ‘independent’ . Conservative leaders have leapt at the chance to make political hay out of this and used their mouthpieces to stroke the fires on it.

On secession, I still say it’s cutting and running. It’s the old school playground idea of, “well fine, if I can’t have it I’m going to take all my toys and go play over there”. There is nothing right or patriotic about it. It’s cowardly. We have a political system in this country. Want things to change, go vote your guy into office. In between time, go throw as many tea parties as you like. The right to protest is one of the many rights we enjoy here. I know what it’s like to protest, it feels good, it’s a way to get out your frustrations when you feel like no one is listening to you…still doesn’t mean I’m not going to crack juvenile jokes at your expense :D. Oh, and personally I like my tea earl gray, hot.

*Originally posted on Facebook -- reposted here.

Teabaggers meltdown

So I'm sick, and I have nothing else to do than watch TV and be miserable for the last two days...UGH. On top of that it's Teabagger central on TV. Now as much as I would LOVE to get into a discussion on that whole idiocracy, I'm going to focus on something which has now ballooned up to a big deal. Evidently some idiots in Texas are getting into the secession game...again. For simplicities sake (and for those of limited intelligence) I am breaking my argument into bullet points...because lets face it...bullet points make everything better.

1) If you are not from, or have never lived in Texas, GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR POLITICAL DISCOURSE. I'm looking at you Glen Beck and your little Alamo stunt..as a Texan I was greatly offended. Something you probably don't understand is that is sacred ground here, and you helped to desecrate it by turning into a prop for your own ratings.

2) We already had this argument, it was called the Civil War, or the War between the States, or hell even the War of Northern Aggression. We lost, get over it already.

3) I love how treason is getting redefined in this day and age. Four years ago if you but questioned the president on the war you were branded an America-hating, Taliban-loving traitor. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, and not only are you questioning the president but you idiots are talking about seceding! Wow---we like our first amendment now don't we? And while I am at, I might remind you all that we are still in those wars...

4) The governor of this state went way over the line. NO governor should give credence to this kind of radical drivel. What if a liberal governor all of the sudden stated that his state would become a Stalinist stronghold (and no that hasn't happened despite what you might hear from the right)? This man is bad for Texas, the only thing he has done in his term as governor is kept hair and beauty supply places in business from the ton 'o beauty supplies Governor Good Hair keeps around.

5) On a deep level, very deep level this offends me. I am a Texan, I have lived here all of my life and I have greater claim that label than most people I know. However, I am an American and the idea of cutting and running from MY nation because things are a little tough disgusts me. How can conservatives say they love this nation when they support an idea such as this? Is it only "love this nation" when it suits you?

It seems to me all we are getting out of this and the tea parties in general is a bunch of anger. I tell you what, channel that anger to something constructive. Go out and volunteer, do something to help. So far as the political point. Fine, you know what you lost and your angry. I get that. I see the political side of this and understand it. That all said, you have a responsibility to denounce these people, not support them. When left wing radicals pushed things during the Bush administration it was often the left who denounced them before the right did (granted we do still have our share of nutcases).

As always, comments are welcomed as long as they are respectful.

*Originally posted on Facebook - relocated here

First Post

Ok so I have been out of this blogging thing for awhile...Got pissed off enough to get back into it. I have my first two posts right after. Will link to various posts and other blogs going forward.